Chloe and Everyone in Her Pocket

Last June, I shot a short film in Istanbul, Turkey. The short film is titled Chloe and Everyone in Her Pocket. Over the course of 2 days, we shot 10 pages that became 11 minutes of film.

It was the first time I was working in Turkey and it was the first time I was working with every single collaborator, except for my creative producer, the Wunderbar Gizem Evcin.

A month before shooting, I launched a crowdfunding campaign on this page and 132 people helped us make Chloe and Everyone in Her Pocket a reality. 

The film is about to be completed and send to festivals and we are scrapping our last dimes to do so. 

If all goes well, the film will be released online for free in June 2019 so you don't have to give money to watch it. But if you do want to support this film it is still possible!

Why do we still need money? You might wonder.

The budget of the film went up during pre-production because we had to build a set, rent a location but most importantly a financial crisis hit Turkey 3 weeks before shooting, and all the prices went up (Yay, timing!).

We found ways to make it work but the money that we had planned to use for the festivals section of the process went into production. 

So, if you want to help us share this film and have it seen by as many people as possible, you can!

About the Film

Chloe tells the story of a life-changing moment that could not have happened 10 years ago, before the Internet and the Smartphones became the new rulers of our lives. It's the story of how the Internet is altering forever the way we interact with others and how our online life has become as real and influential as our physical life.

To experience this we follow for a day Chloe (played by Marion Séclin), a commercial director who goes through the motions in her job until an online friend disrupts her routine and the course of her day -and possibly life- changes drastically.

We all walk with hundreds of people waiting in our pocket to interrupt, share, comment, and influence our lives. Sometimes it's fun and light, sometimes it's profound, sometimes it's sexy and other times it's dramatic. What I want to do with both Chloe and In 5 Years is to show how much our relationships have gained in complexity now that there are no more geographical or temporal boundaries.

And I want to show it in a very specific and cinematic way.

It took me a long time to find out how to SHOW online conversations without spending half a story using screens or text messages. And when I finally found out how I wanted to direct this, I realized that it was hard for people to visualize what I was imagining and pitching.

This pushed me to write Chloe and Everyone in her Pocket. I wanted to show how I visually interpret the world we live in.

I'm extremely excited to share with you this short film. I've been giving it my 1000%  to make sure it will come out in its best shape and form.

And you can help me make sure it will find its audience. Because ultimately, the greatest story in the world only exists when it's experienced by others. 

And I want as many people as possible to experience Chloe and Everyone in her Pocket. 

Above picture by Berrak Colak

How You Can Join this Adventure

We are about to finish post-production and start sending the film to festivals. 

We can still use every bit of help to send the film to as many festivals as possible (the average costs to send a short film to festivals is $1500 -- and that's just to send the film, not to go to a festival if your film is selected)

So, if you were to support us today as we send the film to festivals, you would be essentially helping raise our chances to make Chloe and Everyone in her Pocket seen by audience and professionals.

We will release the film online for free on YouTube and Vimeo. So you can also wait for it to come out (currently set to June 2019 but it might be pushed to Fall 2019).

But if you decide to help us, here are some perks you can get access to, including the film to watch right now!

Audience Level (10€)

  • A password protected link to watch the film as soon as it's completed (end of October 2018)

Process Level (40€)

  • The breakdown of a scene: from shot list to rough cut, to locked edit, vfx, color correction and sound design, a look at all the steps we went through to make a particular scene. 
  • A password protected link to see the film (end of October 2018)

The Free Spirit Level (1€ to ___€)

  • Don't see the amount you can or want to send? The Free Spirit Level is for you :) Pledge the amount you want and if it exceeds a level above, you'll automatically get the perks attached to it. (Ex: if you pledge 15€ you'll get the perks from the Audience Level, 50€ or over the Process Level.)

Important note: If you've decided to join at any level,

a) THANK YOU!!!!

b) you will receive an email from at the email address you used to send your pledge on Paypal. If you don't see my email within 24h, check your spam folder, your promotion folder (thank you google) or email me ( and I'll email you back with your perks!

picture by Gizem Evcin


I hope you'll join this adventure and help us share a short I am convinced will present a different take on the reality we live in and will help make my feature film. It's big. It's huge. It would be life-changing for me. And because fiction and reality often meet, my life could change thanks to you, my online friend.

Will you help me, will you join us?



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If you've arrived on this page and don't know who the hell I am, I am Nathalie Sejean, an audio & visual storyteller and the founder of, a blog for storytellers with a curious mind. As you might have guessed by now, I'm shooting a short film at the end of June and I'm developing a feature film. (I vlogged about that for a year)

If you've sent a pledge at any level, a) THANK YOU!!!! b) you will receive an email from me at the email address you used to send your pledge on Paypal. If you don't see my email within 24h, check your spam folder, your promotion folder or email me ( and I'll email you back with your perks!